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So, what is a makerspace?

Simply put, it is a place for creative people to have the space, tools, and community needed to create.

But there is so much more!

A makerspace can be many things to many people. Some will treat it as a social club, while others want to work on their personal projects. For many, it is a place to get together with other like-minded individuals

Here are just a few of the things that you can expect to see happening in a makerspace!


We will be offering a regular schedule of classes on a variety of topics that include soldering, electronic citcuit design, 3D printing, use of a laser cutter/engraver, and screen printing.


The Co-Lab is, above all else, a community center. This community includes hobbyists, makers, artists, engineers, and scientists. A member can draw from this rich talent pool to bring their concepts to life, or participate in one of the many ongoing projects you’re sure to find!


With an expanding collection of tools and capabilities, the Co-Lab is sure to increase your own capabilities by giving you access to the tools you have always wanted to have.


Regardless of their medium, our community has many artistic and creative individuals. By mixing and matching these people, the possible collaborations are endless!

Why we’re a vital part of the OKC Metro

We love the Oklahoma City metro and our mission’s success is OKC’s success. Here are a few ways we hope to contribute to OKC and its people


Entrepreneurs need access to the latest in equipment and techniques in order to realize and refine their ideas. By helping new businesses develop and grow, we hope to enable the creation of wealth and jobs.


One of our core values is that of public service. In the coming months, we will be seeking opportunities to utilize our unique skills and perspective to contribute to the people and organizations of the metro area.


Our primary function will always be the dissemination of knowledge. A common trait in our community is the desire to teach the skills that enable us to create. Through workshops and public outreach, we look forward to teaching!


By giving people access to technology, we hope to unlock their creative drive and abilities. Putting the right tools in the right hands can unleash amazing possibilities.

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