3810 N Tulsa Ave, OKC OK, 73112


We appreciate anything that you wish to contribute to help us build this community!

Here’s a little information on what we can use and how we can use it.

Email us at Contributions@CoLab-OK.com


We are always looking for ways to acquire new tools and technology to further our community’s goals. Any cash contributions WILL absolutely go toward providing the best makerspace OKC has to offer!


If your company or organization wishes to increase its visibility in the maker, engineering, software development, or artist communities in the OKC metro area, we have some exciting sponsorship opportunities on either a one-time or recurring basis!


Many people have inquired about contributing things such as electronics they no longer use, tools they have in storage, or other used items. We are happy to consider any contribution, though we do have to keep such things under control sin order to stay on-task with our community goals. Let us know what you’d like to bring by and we’ll figure out the best way to handle it!


Whether it is the completion of a project or teaching our members new skills, almost everything we do requires some degree of raw materials! This could be in the form of lumber, plastics, metal stock, or almost anything you can think of. If you have any such materials, we would love to talk about how we can turn them into something amazing!